Counting Stars

Plethora - Counting Stars

Rounding out the start of the weekend, we are releasing Plethora Counting Stars ceiling decor.

There are 9 in total, including 2 rares, playable for L$25 per gacha play at the main store in Scribbled Hearts.

The item is a link-set of two meshes; the stars and the strings. The strings can be resized, recoloured or removed completely if you desire.

Quick Stats: 7 commons, 2 rares, 100% mesh, 2-mesh link set per item, 1 land impact each, L$25 per play

Availability: Currently available at Scribbled Hearts main store 

HiRes Image: Flickr

Dewdrop Lights

Plethora - Dewdrop Lights

Plethora Dewdrop Lights are now available at our inworld store.

There are 6 in total to play for, including 2 large rares at L$50 per gacha play.

Simply touch to toggle the bulbs on and off. These lights do not cast a local light when switched on.

Quick Stats: L$50 per play, 4 commons, 2 rares, 100% mesh, scripted on/off bulb toggle on touch, no local light source, 1 land impact (except for floor lamp, which can be 2; can be sized down to 1 LI).

Availability: Currently available at Scribbled Hearts main store 

HiRes Image: Flickr

Upcoming Events: March ’14

Just a brief announcement that Plethora was graciously invited to a couple of events coming in March!

Many thanks to Lucie Bluebird who has extended an invitation for us to join Lazy Sunday, our first round being the 9th March. We’d also like to thank Airedine Poe, who has generously offered Plethora a place in the Adore & Abhor Anniversary event which will run from March 16th until April 16th.

Keep on the lookout for special-edition items on sale that will extend existing gacha sets!

Until next time, may the odds…etc., etc., you know.

Inworld store is open!

Plethora - we're open

We are excited to announce that our inworld store is now open in the Scribbled Hearts region! Visit us today and take a gander over at tarte who is graciously hosting our little storefront on the sim.

Don’t forget to join our store group “Plethora” from our inworld poster (it’s on the left wall just inside the entrance). This group is free to join  until a VIP group is established, so get in fast! (thatswhatshesaid)

Looking forward to seeing you all and may the odds be ever in your flavour 😀

Love Signals

Plethora - Love Signals

Plethora Love Signals will be available from the 11th 14th February 2014, just in time for Valentine’s Day (or Single Awareness Day, depending on how you subscribe to that Hallmark Holiday).

There are 3 styles with 3 colour variants each, plus a single rare variant. They will be available for L$25 per play.

Simply wear and touch someone else’s Love Signal above their heads to attempt to pair with them. If they accept, your signals will glow to reflect how far away from each other you are. The Love Signal will update every 10 seconds and has a maximum range of 96 metres. Offline or off-sim paired Signals will show as ‘no signal’. The rare Heartwind wind turbine will spin faster the stronger the signal (instead of a colour progress indication change).

Quick Stats: L$25 per play, 100% mesh, 1 land impact each, 9 commons, 1 rare.

Availability: Currently available at Scribbled Hearts main store

HiRes Image: Flickr