Cloud9 Weather Lights

Plethora - Cloud9 Weather Lights

Plethora Cloud9 Weather Lights are now available at our inworld main store in Scribbled Hearts.

These wall lamps are L$75 per gacha play and are scripted to retrieve weather status feeds every 30 minutes straight to your Second Life living area! There are 7 to try your luck for, including 1 rare.

Coming in at 3 land impact each, simply touch the appropriate icons or indicators to change the weather location, toggle between Fahrenheit or Celsius, or simply turn the light on and off. If you get stuck, touch the “?” help icon on the right side of the light to get more information on how to operate the product.

Quick Stats: 7 commons, 1 rare, 100% mesh, 3 land impact each, L$75 per play.

Availability: Currently available at Scribbled Hearts main store

HiRes Image: Flickr

Further assistance (inworld help/instructions textures):

Plethora - Cloud9 Weather Lights - Location Setting

Plethora - Cloud9 Weather Lights - Temperature Unit & Light

Plethora - Cloud9 Weather Lights - Weather Icons & Humidity Indicator

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