Wine Racks & Wine Bottles (The Garden)

Plethora - Wine Racks & Wine Bottles

For our first ever participation in the monthly The Garden event by The Liaison Collaborative, Plethora are proud to present two on-venue gachas for the April theme of “Tuscany Hills”.

We are placing out on offer Wine Racks and Wine Bottles for your gacha enjoyment. There are 13 commons + 3 rares for the racks and 10 different common wine bottles for collection. Wine racks will be L$50 per gacha play, while the bottles will be L$25 per play.

Both items are modifiable so you can reposition and link them together to combine your own decorative wine racks for your home or garden at a lower land impact cost.

Both machines will be available offsite at The Liaison Collaborative‘s The Garden venue on the Fall sim from midnight April 15th SLT through the course of the month.

Quick Stats (Wine Racks): 13 commons, 3 rares, 100% mesh, 1 land impact each, Mod/NoCopy/Trans, L$50 per play.

Quick Stats (Wine Bottles): 10 commons, no rares, 100% mesh, 1 land impact each, Mod/NoCopy/Trans, L$25 per play.

Availability: Fall sim (The Garden venue, 15 April 2014 to 14 May 2014). Both gacha sets will remain exclusive to the event and its venue but will be moved instore at Scribbled Hearts post-event at the same price.

HiRes Image: Flickr

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