Custom Tablets!

Plethora - Custom Tablet

So here at Plethora, we loved our tablets so much that we thought we’d have a chat with our bloggers and see what they thought about us offering custom personalized tablets to the consumer public. They unanimously agreed that we should go ahead with this idea and so we now offer custom tablets to our repertoire of products!

Below is a summary of customization options available to custom tablet purchasers.

Plethora - Custom Tablet - Customizations

At this time, Custom Tablets will retail for L$1,500 per custom tablet.

To buy one, please visit the main store at Scribbled Hearts. Near the Plethora – Tablets gacha, you should see a second vendor poster advertising the Custom Tablets. Click on this to receive a notecard with more information, or pay the vendor to receive a unique 10-digit custom job claim code. Please make sure you are not in Busy/Unavailable mode before you pay the machine.

This claim code will be used to fill in your customization form. It is non-refundable and non-transferable except by special arrangement. Please note that any customization that allows for a chosen image will require appropriate ownership or licensed rights.

If you receive a message saying there are no more claim codes remaining, bear with us; we keep a limited number of codes for sale at any one time to balance our store commitments with custom jobs. More should be added to the machine shortly.

Blogger Showcases:

Strawberry Singh‘s blog

Alessandra‘s blog

Aiubrey Snoodle‘s blog

Harlow Heslop‘s blog

Katya Valeska‘s blog

Harvest Dezno‘s blog


Quick Stats: Custom tablet, 100% mesh, 1 land impact, dual-mode (wearable/rezzable)

Availability: Currently available from Scribbled Hearts main store

HiRes Image: Flickr

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