Wooden Box Kart (Lazy Sunday)

Plethora - Wooden Box Kart

Everyone – grown-ups and kids alike – are welcome to drop by this Lazy Sunday and pick up a Plethora Wooden Box Kart to take for a spin!

These nostalgic wooden carts are drivable with four gears/speeds and can carry a passenger. There are 6 to choose from, all available at the vendor space, or purchase the fatpack containing all colour variants for a full set.

Each variant comes with 3 sizes included to fit a standard adult avatar, a ToddleeDoo kid shape and a ToddleeDoo baby shape.

Each colour variant is L$50 during Lazy Sunday, with the fatpack (all 6) at L$250.

After the event finishes, each colour variant will be priced at L$75, with the fatpack at L$400.

Vehicles are all copy/mod/no transfer.

Quick Stats: Event item, 100% mesh, 4 land impact each, drivable + passenger, L$50 for variant, L$250 for fatpack during Lazy Sunday, L$75 for variant, L$400 post-event.

Availability: Available at Scribbled Hears main store (from Sunday, 1st June 2014, 12am SLT).

HiRes Image: Flickr

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Sake Chess Set (The Neighbourhood)

Plethora - Sake Chess Set

We are releasing this texture-toggleable decor sake chess set for The Neighbourhood this Saturday instore at L$200.

Simply touch to cycle between texture options for the chessboard (3 options), cups (2 options) and sake pourer bottles (2 options).

Set is non-playable (decor-only).

Quick Stats: Event item, 100% mesh, 2 land impact, decor, L$200, Copy/Mod/NoTrans (script is NoMod)

Availability: Available at Scribbled Hearts main store (from sat, 24th May 2014, 12am SLT)

HiRes Image: Flickr

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Upcoming Events: May ~ July ’14

Routine update on events Plethora will be participating in between 17th May 2014 and 31st July 2014:



The Neighbourhood – Saturday, 24th May 2014



Lazy Sunday – Sunday, 1st June 2014

The Dreaming Tree (TLC) Theme: Geek Chic – Saturday/Sunday, 7th-8th June 2014

The Garden (TLC) Theme: Bali – Sunday, 15th June – Thursday, 10th July 2014

Rhapsody (The Hottie Cooterati Experience) – Saturday, 28th June – Saturday, 12th July 2014

Lazy Sunday – Sunday, 29th June 2014



Oh My Gacha! (Jersey Shore) – Tuesday, 1st July – Tuesday, 15th July 2014

The Dreaming Tree (TLC) Theme: TBC – Saturday/Sunday, 5th-6th July 2014

The Garden (TLC) Theme: TBC – Tuesday, 15th July 2014

L’amitie Summer Market – Saturday, 19th July 2014

The Neighbourhood – Saturday, 19th July 2014

Lazy Sunday – Sunday, 27th July 2014

Café Boards & Pixel Coolers (The Garden)

Plethora - Cafe Boards and Pixel Coolers

This month at The Liaison Collaborative’s – The Garden event, Plethora will again be placing on offer two gacha machines for your enjoyment – Café Boards and Pixel Coolers.

The theme this month is “French Riviera”, bringing in lots of sunshine, beaches, cafés of the southern French Mediterranean coast.

The sandwich-board style cafe boards will be L$50 per gacha play and will cycle between blank chalkboard, one-sided pretextured design and both side pretextured on touch. The blank chalkboard make it ideal for you to rez your own alpha prim with your own design texture and place it over the board. The boards are 2 land impact each.

Beachfront cooler bins are also available at L$25 per gacha play. The box has touch-toggle handles and lids (open/close) and the drinks pod cooler has a swivel top that also opens on touch. The box coolers are 2 land impact each and the cylinder pod coolers are 1 land impact each.

Both machines will be available offsite at The Liaison Collaborative‘s The Garden venue on the Fall sim from midnight May 15th SLT through the course of the month.

Quick Stats (Cafe Boards): 10 commons, no rares, 100% mesh, 2 land impact each, Mod/NoCopy/Trans, touch toggle board panels, L$50 per play (L$50 post event).

Quick Stats (Pixel Coolers): 8 commons, no rares, 100% mesh, 1-2 land impact each, Mod/NoCopy/Trans, touch toggle handles (box) and lids (box + pod), L$25 per play (L$50 post event).

Availability: Fall sim (The Garden venue, 15 May 2014 to 10 June 2014). Both gacha sets will remain exclusive to the event and its venue but will be moved instore at Scribbled Heats post-event at L$50 per gacha play.

HiRes Image: Flickr

Butterfly Moodpin (Lazy Sunday)

Plethora - Butterfly Moodpin

This Lazy Sunday we’re introducing a special edition Butterfly Moodpin that will listen in on it’s owner’s chat for special key emotes.

If it hears any of the key emotes within the chat, it’ll change colour and give a subtle flutter off the wings. There are 7 moods it reacts to (7 different colours). Touching the moodpin will show in chat an owner-visible text outlining what emote triggers what colour.

The pin will be discounted to L$50 during the Lazy Sunday event and L$75 thereafter, and will be available from Sunday, 4th May 2014 at 12am SLT instore at Scribbled Hearts.


Quick Stats: Special edition item, 100% mesh, 1 land impact, avatar accessory, L$50 during Lazy Sunday, L$75 post-event, Copy/Mod/NoTrans (script is NoMod)

Availability: Available at Scribbled Hearts main store (from Sun, 4th May 2014, 12am SLT)

HiRes Image: Flickr

Marketplace: Listing page