Wall Art Calendar (The Neighbourhood)

Plethora - Wall Art Calendar

We’re kicking off the weekend with an entry for The Neighbourhood.

Grab the low land-impact Wall Art Calendar instore at Scribbled Hearts to decorate your virtual home or office.

To change to month-in-view mode, simply touch the panel desired and the whole wall calendar will change. To switch back, touch any panel at all.

Note: Calendar is for 2014, the 2015 version can be found here.

** 2014 version is now discounted to L$10, and is available on Marketplace and instore until 31st January 2015**

Quick Stats: Event item, 1 land impact, touch toggle modes, 100% mesh, decor, L$200 L$10, Copy/Mod/NoTrans (script is NoMod)

Availability: Available at Scribbled Hearts main store (from Sat, 19th July 2014, 12am SLT)

HiRes Image: Flickr

Marketplace: Listing page

One thought on “Wall Art Calendar (The Neighbourhood)

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