Sparklers (Lazy Sunday)

Plethora - Sparklers

Lazy Sunday arrives just in time this weekend for Plethora to put these simple handheld sparklers up on offer. The entire pack of 7 colours, plus a special “Stars & Stripes” variant, will be available for L$50 this Sunday, 29th June 2014, just before the American Independence Day holiday. (L$75 post Lazy Sunday event)

Happy upcoming national birthday, to my esteemed Yank friends! ;-P

The sparklers pack kicks off a very busy July for Plethora, with multiple large one-off events right off the bat on the 1st. Simply wear the sparklers (it attaches to your left hand by default, triggering a hold pose for your arm) where it will trigger an ignition sound effect and the firework will begin to…well, sparkle.

Quick Stats: 8 included in the pack, non-gacha, L$50 for all variants (L$75 post event), 100% mesh, particle sparkles, ignition sound effect + left hand hold pose, 1 land impact each

Availability: Instore at Scribbled Hearts main store (from Sunday, 29th June 2014, 12am SLT).

HiRes Image: Flickr

Marketplace: Listing page

Hang Gliders & Ocean Scooters (The Garden)

Plethora - Hang Gliders & Ocean Scooters

This month’s The Garden event by The Liaison Collaborative features a theme of “Bali” and Plethora have worked hard to bring you two vacation destination gachas to enjoy. These Hang Gliders and Ocean Scooters will be available for L$50 per gacha play during the event at Fall sim.

The gliders come in rezzer HUDs that will allow you to rez a public or owner-only version, and features a pose by Vanity Poses. We’re especially proud of the smooth glider physics, which beta testers have complimented. The scooters will detect if you’re below Linden water level and animate you based on if you’re stationary or moving. If you are above water, a standard “hold” animation for the scooters is triggered.

The gliders are 11 land impact each (the HUDs are 4) and the scooters are 3 land impact each.

Special thanks to Vanity Mirror (Vanity Poses) for the hang glider flight pose, as well as Alessandra and Anya Ohmai for donating their time to be in the vendor posters!


Quick Stats (Hang Gliders): 16 commons, 2 rares, 100% mesh, 11 land impact (HUD is 4 system prims), HUD rezzer, L$50 per gacha play.

Quick Stats (Ocean Scooters): 12 commons, no rares, 100% mesh, 3 land impact, attachable accessory, avatar animations, propeller animation, particle bubbles, sound effects, L$50 per gacha play.

Availability: Fall sim (The Garden venue, 15 June 2014 to 10 July 2014). Both gacha sets will remain exclusive to the event and its venue but will be moved instore at Scribbled Hearts post-event at L$50 per gacha play.

HiRes Image: Flickr


Note: Hang Gliders are copy/no mod/transfer, but must be rezzed via the transfer-only HUD. Attempts to rez from inventory or transferring to others without the HUD will result in self-derezzing.




D20 Earrings w/ Dice Prop (Dreaming Tree)

Plethora - D20 Earrings with Dice Prop

For Plethora’s first Dreaming Tree event, we thought we’d hit the theme of “Geek Chic” with a couple of earrings made from tried-and-true twenty-sided Dungeons & Dragons dice.

The earrings are texture-change on touch and come with texture-change hooks. Simply touch either the die or the hooks to cycle through available colours. There are 8 dice and 3 hook textures to choose from to suit your personal tastes.

Just to throw in a little extra, rezzable dice (also touch texture-change) will be provided in the same package so you can rez out those little suckers and get your game on, or simply as a decor piece.

The D20 Earrings will be sold instore during the Dreaming Tree weekend (7 June to end of 8 June 2014) and will be priced at L$75 during the event and L$100 afterward, so get your 25%-off discount during the weekend!

Items are copy/mod/no transfer. Scripts are no mod.

Quick Stats: Event item, 100% mesh, 2 land impact for both earrings (dice are 1 land impact each), L$75 during Dreaming Tree event, L$100 after event.

Availability: Available at Scribbled Hearts main store (from Saturday, 7th June 2014). Event lasts for weekend.

HiRes Image: Flickr

Marketplace: Listing page

Butterfly Moodpin (Lazy Sunday)

Plethora - Butterfly Moodpin

This Lazy Sunday we’re introducing a special edition Butterfly Moodpin that will listen in on it’s owner’s chat for special key emotes.

If it hears any of the key emotes within the chat, it’ll change colour and give a subtle flutter off the wings. There are 7 moods it reacts to (7 different colours). Touching the moodpin will show in chat an owner-visible text outlining what emote triggers what colour.

The pin will be discounted to L$50 during the Lazy Sunday event and L$75 thereafter, and will be available from Sunday, 4th May 2014 at 12am SLT instore at Scribbled Hearts.


Quick Stats: Special edition item, 100% mesh, 1 land impact, avatar accessory, L$50 during Lazy Sunday, L$75 post-event, Copy/Mod/NoTrans (script is NoMod)

Availability: Available at Scribbled Hearts main store (from Sun, 4th May 2014, 12am SLT)

HiRes Image: Flickr

Marketplace: Listing page

Custom Tablets!

Plethora - Custom Tablet

So here at Plethora, we loved our tablets so much that we thought we’d have a chat with our bloggers and see what they thought about us offering custom personalized tablets to the consumer public. They unanimously agreed that we should go ahead with this idea and so we now offer custom tablets to our repertoire of products!

Below is a summary of customization options available to custom tablet purchasers.

Plethora - Custom Tablet - Customizations

At this time, Custom Tablets will retail for L$1,500 per custom tablet.

To buy one, please visit the main store at Scribbled Hearts. Near the Plethora – Tablets gacha, you should see a second vendor poster advertising the Custom Tablets. Click on this to receive a notecard with more information, or pay the vendor to receive a unique 10-digit custom job claim code. Please make sure you are not in Busy/Unavailable mode before you pay the machine.

This claim code will be used to fill in your customization form. It is non-refundable and non-transferable except by special arrangement. Please note that any customization that allows for a chosen image will require appropriate ownership or licensed rights.

If you receive a message saying there are no more claim codes remaining, bear with us; we keep a limited number of codes for sale at any one time to balance our store commitments with custom jobs. More should be added to the machine shortly.

Blogger Showcases:

Strawberry Singh‘s blog

Alessandra‘s blog

Aiubrey Snoodle‘s blog

Harlow Heslop‘s blog

Katya Valeska‘s blog

Harvest Dezno‘s blog


Quick Stats: Custom tablet, 100% mesh, 1 land impact, dual-mode (wearable/rezzable)

Availability: Currently available from Scribbled Hearts main store

HiRes Image: Flickr

Entitlement Bells – Spoiler Warning (Subscriber Gift)

Plethora - Bells - Spoiler Warning

NOTICE: This was sent out with a temp texture (my bad, I’m so sorry!) but a replacement subscriber item was sent out at 1:40pm SLT same day with the fixed bell. My apologies and many thanks to Fugazi Rubanis for catching this so quickly and reporting it.

We are on fire!

Just kidding – here is our first exclusive subscriber gift. Those who sign up for the subscriber kiosk poster inworld at Scribbled Hearts by the 23 April 2014 SLT will get this in their subscriber distribution pack (along with the usual press release notecard).

The item is free to all subscribers (subscription is also free) and is Modify/Transfer, which means you can give it away, but there will be only as many out in the grid as there are subscribers in the list upon distribution!

Quick Stats: Subscriber free gift exclusive, 100% mesh, 1 land impact, animation and sound bite.

Availability: Via subscriber distribution (free to join from instore at Scribbled Hearts) on 24 April 2014.

HiRes Image: Flickr


Plethora - Tablets

For a while now, we’ve been trying to find a way to create a tablet device that truly “one-ups” the Smartphones that we released during our first week in business. We really enjoyed making these Plethora Tablets for you to play with and feel like we really upped the ante this time!

These tablets come in 10 commons and 2 rares. They are dual-mode, so will behave differently if they are worn (attaches to left hand) or rezzed inworld. The tablet is L$50 per gacha play and will be available at our main store on Scribbled Hearts.

Worn – When attached, the tablet will trigger a hold pose. If your avatar begins typing, it should trigger an animation override and you should begin to tap away at the Plethora Tablet. The tablet itself should light up and texture-animate a chat app to emulate talking.

Rezzed – When rezzed inworld, the tablet will remain in standby until touched. Upon touch, the screen should light up to show the unlock screen, which will then slide upward by itself to reveal the tablet interface. After a few seconds, the tablet should dim back into standby mode.

Each tablet has it’s own coloured lock screen and interface (this is only shown when rezzed; when worn, the tablet automatically goes into the chat app screen).

Quick Stats: 10 commons, 2 rares, 100% mesh, 1 land impact each, dual-mode (rez/wear), unique lock/interface screen per tablet, L$50 per play

Availability: Available from 23rd April 2014 at Scribbled Hearts main store

HiRes Image: Flickr