There It Goes…The Last Crap/F*ck I Gave

Plethora - There It Goes...Poster

Just a little something inspired by the internet meme of similar sentiment.

Attachable pose prop (just wear it) that will cycle the texture between 5 colours on touch.

Comes in PG “crap” and M “f*ck” variants. Like you give a f*ck =P

Quick Stats: 100% mesh, 3 land impact each, L$50, Copy/Mod/NoTrans

Availability: Available at Scribbled Hearts main store and on Marketplace

HiRes Image: Flickr

Marketplace: Listing page for PG (crap) version, for M (f*ck) version

Remote Control UFOs & Scenescape Lights (Oh My Gacha!)

Plethora - Remote Control UFOs & Scenescape Lights

Sleepless Enterprises Plethora are excited to bring you two gacha machines for the July 2014 Oh My Gacha! event – Remote Control UFOs Scenescape Lights. The event commences on July 1st 2014 and will last until July 15th 2014.

Our Remote Control UFOs come in 10 flavours – 8 common and 2 rares for L$75 per gacha play. These nifty little toys are rezzed from a transferable HUD; simply use wear, rez and use your keyboard arrow keys or WASD keys to fly! The HUD comes with a Follow-cam toggle script to follow your remote controlled UFO along as you explore the sim with quirky new eye(s). 7 particle speech bubbles will also available on the HUD for you to click and trigger, accompanied by a sound effect, so you can holler out to other UFOs as you fly by.

Scenescape Lights are a cozier addition to your home and garden – 10 different silhouette wall-mounted lamps that light up on touch. There are 8 commons and 2 rares and will be available for L$50 per gacha play. These lights are full of character and will add that added touch to your summer home decorations this July.

Quick Stats

Remote Control UFOs: 10 variant gacha, 8 commons, 2 rares, L$75 per play, 100% mesh, particle speech bubble & sound effects, remote controllable, 1 land impact each, transferable rezzer HUD

Scenescape Lights: 10 variant gacha, 8 commons, 2 rares, L$50 per play, 100% mesh, touch toggle light, 2-3 land impact each

Availability: Oh My Gacha! event (Jersey Shore region), 1st July 2014 until 15th July 2014

HiRes Image: Flickr


Note: The Remote Control UFOs have transferable HUDs, but have copy/transferable UFOs inside them to facilitate rezzing. Any attempts to rez without a HUD or to give away the UFOs themselves will result in their automatic derezzing. Please trade the rezzer HUDs instead of the UFOs themselves.

Speech Bubbles:

Plethora - Remote Control UFOs - Speech Bubbles

CD Players, Headphones & Portable Speakers (Rhapsody)

Plethora - Rhapsody

Plethora are proud to bring you CD Players, CD Player Headphones and Portable Speakers decor items for the Rhapsody event (by The Hottie Cooterati Experience).

Rhapsody Music Poster - Plethora

Our theme for this exciting music-themed event is “Pop” and we are extremely eager to see it open on June 28th, 12pm SLT (until July 12th 2014).

Plethora - CD Player

There are a massive 24 variants of CD Players to choose from, priced at L$100 each. The compact disc inside will spin upon touching “Play” and stop spinning on touching “Stop”. You can also hit “Eject” which will pop the lid. Simply touch the lid to close it again. The CD label is also retexturable with any square texture for your personalisation needs (only the parts of the texture where there is label will show up). Just to throw in a little bit of a bonus, we’ve included the black pair of CD Player Headphones with every CD Player purchase!


Plethora - CD Player Headphones

CD Player Headphones are also available, coming in at 8 colours and L$50 each. They come designed to plug into your CD Player so you can swap them out with ease. The cable and plug section is also unlinkable if you choose to do away with wires!


Plethora - Portable Speakers

Finally, Portable Speakers in three styles (4 colours each) are on offer for L$50 apiece and allow you to unlink those headphones and plug in speakers to really bring maximum portable beats to a room. Again, cable is unlinkable and the speaker pairs can be separated.

We hope you stick around for the live music and shopping at the Rhapsody event and look forward to seeing you all taking advantage of other amazingly talented designers participating over the next couple of weeks!

Quick Stats:

CD Player: 24 variants, non-gacha, L$100 per variant, scripted behaviours, sound effects, retexturable CD label, 2 land impact (standalone), 3 land impact (with headphones), includes black headphones, compatible with Plethora – CD Player Headphones and Plethora – Portable Speakers

CD Player Headphones: 8 colour variants, non-gacha, L$50 per variant, unlinkable parts, 1 land impact (standalone), 3 land impact (with headphones), compatible with Plethora – CD Player

Portable Speakers: 12 variants (3 styles, 4 colours each), non-gacha, L$50 per variant, unlinkable parts, 3 land impact (standalone pair with cable), 5 land impact (with CD player), compatible with Plethora – CD Player

Availability: Rhapsody event (TaleAsOldAsTime region), from 12pm SLT 28th June 2014 until 12th July 2014, then moved instore to Scribbled Hearts

HiRes Image: Flickr

Marketplace: Listings