Lazy Sunday 200th Round – Pianokey Lamp – Marble (sp. ed.)

Plethora - Pianokey Lamps - Marble (special edition)

Plethora have been generously invited to participate in the 200th Lazy Sunday round.

A Marble special edition of the Plethora Pianokey Lamps will be available for sale with Mod/Copy/NoTrans permissions for L$50. Post-event, they will be available at the main store for L$75.

These lamps have individually-toggleable keys that will light up and play a soundbite of the associated musical note. Simply touch again to switch off.

For more information please see the main blog post regarding the gacha item here.

Note: No inworld lighting is cast.

Quick Stats: Special edition variant, 100% mesh, 4 land impact, audio sound bites, L$75 during Lazy Sunday, L$75 post-event.

Availability: Instore during Lazy Sunday event (9 March 2014, 12am SLT) at Scribbled Hearts main store

HiRes Image: Flickr

Marketplace: Listing page

Adore & Abhor 6th Anniv. – Cloud9 Weather Lights – Adoration (sp. ed.)

Plethora - Cloud9 Weather Lights - Adoration (special edition)

Plethora are privileged to be a part of Adore & Abhor’s 6th anniversary event from 12am SLT, 16 March 2014 until end-of-day 16 April 2014.

During this time, we will be offering the Plethora – Cloud9 Weather Lights – Adoration (special edition) at a special price of L$150. The product will be copiable and modifiable, but no transfer.

After the event, the item will be priced at L$200 and will appear next to the gacha set vendor.

Quick Stats: Special edition sale, 100% mesh, 3 land impact, L$150 during event, L$200 post-event.

Availability: Adore&Abhor main store at Mudhoney region during event (16 March 2014 to 16 April 2014) ; instore post-event at Scribbled Hearts main store

HiRes Image: Flickr

Marketplace: Listing page

Further help: Please see regular gacha set blog post here.