Balloon Voyage (TLC)

Plethora - Balloon Voyage

This month’s The Liaison Collaborative will be hosted at a new venue location (still on Fall region) and will also feature as the event’s birthday round, with the theme “bon voyage”.

Plethora will be offering the Balloon Voyage single-seater chair for L$300.

This fully-functional airborne balloon chair comes complete with mesh animations and soundbites, as well as a smooth physics engine for your comfort and flying pleasure. The rudder turns as you press your arrow keys, the propeller rotation speeds up and slows down as you accelerate, and even side balloons will inflate while you pull up on the PgUp (or “E”) key to ascend into the airy blue!

Ply the skies of your home sim with this cute little chair inspired by CG classics like Up!

Note: Once rezzed, anyone can sit and fly (not restricted to owner-only).

Quick Stats: Event item, 16 land impact each, flyable, 100% mesh, L$300, Copy/Mod/NoTrans (script & pose are NoMod/NoTrans)

Availability: Available at The Liaison Collaborative event (new venue location) on Fall region from 15th March 2015 12am SLT until 10th April 2015 11:59pm SLT. Will be moved instore and on Marketplace post-event.

HiRes Image: Flickr

Marketplace: Listing page

Check out this cool in-action video below made by our friend, Billy, and showcased on Flickr!

Wooden Box Kart (Lazy Sunday)

Plethora - Wooden Box Kart

Everyone – grown-ups and kids alike – are welcome to drop by this Lazy Sunday and pick up a Plethora Wooden Box Kart to take for a spin!

These nostalgic wooden carts are drivable with four gears/speeds and can carry a passenger. There are 6 to choose from, all available at the vendor space, or purchase the fatpack containing all colour variants for a full set.

Each variant comes with 3 sizes included to fit a standard adult avatar, a ToddleeDoo kid shape and a ToddleeDoo baby shape.

Each colour variant is L$50 during Lazy Sunday, with the fatpack (all 6) at L$250.

After the event finishes, each colour variant will be priced at L$75, with the fatpack at L$400.

Vehicles are all copy/mod/no transfer.

Quick Stats: Event item, 100% mesh, 4 land impact each, drivable + passenger, L$50 for variant, L$250 for fatpack during Lazy Sunday, L$75 for variant, L$400 post-event.

Availability: Available at Scribbled Hears main store (from Sunday, 1st June 2014, 12am SLT).

HiRes Image: Flickr

Marketplace: Listings