Dice of Sin & Smartphone Tablet Sets (ROMP)

ROMP - October 2015 Banner

Plethora concludes this year’s event schedule with two entries into ROMP Fair 2015. The Dice of Sin and Smartphone Tablet Sets will be available from the event beginning 2nd October 2015 until 16th October 2015. More info on the event is available at their blog site here.

The Dice of Sin will be available for L$125 and the Smartphone Tablet Sets for L$150 per tablet-phone pair. Both will be moved instore post-event.

Plethora - Dice of Sin

Simply touch the Dice of Sin to trigger a random combination of dice, complete with mesh animation and soundbites. Great to have in the living room or for when you have “special friends” visiting to watch Netflix and chill.

The smartphone will make a unique soundbite upon touch and light up to reveal a lock screen and light up the LED on top. After a moment, it will go dark again.

The tablet is dual-purpose; it can rezzed inworld as a decor item, or attached to your avatar as an accessory. When rezzed, simply touch for it to light up and reveal a lock screen, which will in turn slide up to display the tablet desktop. When worn, simply begin typing in local chat for a typing animation override and texture animation onscreen to trigger.

There will be two variants of each of the two colour styles to cater for both innie-friendly and outie-friendly types.

Plethora - Smartphone Tablet Sets

We hope you enjoyed Plethora’s entries for 2015 and as always, it has been my pleasure! Since we’re talking about pleasure, go have fun at the event. Watch a lot of Netflix. Chill a lot.

Quick Stats: Event items, 100% mesh, Copy/Mod/NoTrans (scripts are NoMod), Dice of Sin L$125 – 3 land impact, Smartphone Tablet Sets L$150 – 2 land impacts for both items in the pair.

Availability: Available at ROMP Fair Oct 2015 (from 2nd October 2015 until 16th October 2015). Item will be moved instore post-event.

HiRes Images: Flickr – Dice of Sin, Flickr – Smartphone Tablet Sets

Marketplace: Listing page post-event

Custom Tablets!

Plethora - Custom Tablet

So here at Plethora, we loved our tablets so much that we thought we’d have a chat with our bloggers and see what they thought about us offering custom personalized tablets to the consumer public. They unanimously agreed that we should go ahead with this idea and so we now offer custom tablets to our repertoire of products!

Below is a summary of customization options available to custom tablet purchasers.

Plethora - Custom Tablet - Customizations

At this time, Custom Tablets will retail for L$1,500 per custom tablet.

To buy one, please visit the main store at Scribbled Hearts. Near the Plethora – Tablets gacha, you should see a second vendor poster advertising the Custom Tablets. Click on this to receive a notecard with more information, or pay the vendor to receive a unique 10-digit custom job claim code. Please make sure you are not in Busy/Unavailable mode before you pay the machine.

This claim code will be used to fill in your customization form. It is non-refundable and non-transferable except by special arrangement. Please note that any customization that allows for a chosen image will require appropriate ownership or licensed rights.

If you receive a message saying there are no more claim codes remaining, bear with us; we keep a limited number of codes for sale at any one time to balance our store commitments with custom jobs. More should be added to the machine shortly.

Blogger Showcases:

Strawberry Singh‘s blog

Alessandra‘s blog

Aiubrey Snoodle‘s blog

Harlow Heslop‘s blog

Katya Valeska‘s blog

Harvest Dezno‘s blog


Quick Stats: Custom tablet, 100% mesh, 1 land impact, dual-mode (wearable/rezzable)

Availability: Currently available from Scribbled Hearts main store

HiRes Image: Flickr


Plethora - Tablets

For a while now, we’ve been trying to find a way to create a tablet device that truly “one-ups” the Smartphones that we released during our first week in business. We really enjoyed making these Plethora Tablets for you to play with and feel like we really upped the ante this time!

These tablets come in 10 commons and 2 rares. They are dual-mode, so will behave differently if they are worn (attaches to left hand) or rezzed inworld. The tablet is L$50 per gacha play and will be available at our main store on Scribbled Hearts.

Worn – When attached, the tablet will trigger a hold pose. If your avatar begins typing, it should trigger an animation override and you should begin to tap away at the Plethora Tablet. The tablet itself should light up and texture-animate a chat app to emulate talking.

Rezzed – When rezzed inworld, the tablet will remain in standby until touched. Upon touch, the screen should light up to show the unlock screen, which will then slide upward by itself to reveal the tablet interface. After a few seconds, the tablet should dim back into standby mode.

Each tablet has it’s own coloured lock screen and interface (this is only shown when rezzed; when worn, the tablet automatically goes into the chat app screen).

Quick Stats: 10 commons, 2 rares, 100% mesh, 1 land impact each, dual-mode (rez/wear), unique lock/interface screen per tablet, L$50 per play

Availability: Available from 23rd April 2014 at Scribbled Hearts main store

HiRes Image: Flickr